Language Service

Why Choose Us

At Corban Translation, we have been leading the translation industry for over 20 years, using innovative and cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest quality standards. We have a team of translation experts who are native speakers of various Middle East and African languages, and who have worked across dozens of industries worldwide. We can provide translation services for companies in the automotive, finance, medical and healthcare, tourism, and education industries, among others.

African Language Translation

At Corban Translation, we have the skills and experience to translate your text with confidence and accuracy. We offer translation services for a wide range of African languages, including Afrikaans, Amharic, Arabic, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Mossi/Moore, Tamashek, Twi, Fon, Ewe, Nankam, Gourmantchema, Fulfuldé, Fulah, Pulaar, Baoulé/Bawule, Swahili, Zulu, Tigrinya, Nubian/Nobiin, and many others. Whether you need Bambara or Dyula/Dioula translation, or any other African language translation, we have you covered.

How We Can Help You

At Future Trans, we offer desktop publishing services that will transform your content into a layout that is professional and reflects your brand identity by combining typography, layout, and graphic designs. We select these elements with your target audience in mind.
Corban Translation Desktop Publishing methods give your company more control over design, layout, and typography than any word processing software. Our experienced Desktop Publishing professionals will collaborate with you to provide you with fonts and graphics that will connect with your audience effectively.
Our Desktop Publishing services can deliver great value to our customers throughout the Middle East and Africa. Enjoy Future Trans’ cost-effective DTP services and start reaching your audience in Africa and anywhere in no time


What is localization?

Localization is the process of adjusting content or a product for a specific country or region’s audience. The goal is to increase local customer engagement and satisfaction. Localization goes beyond translation; the product or content is modified to fit the cultural and linguistic context of the new audience.

This process makes the content or product both suitable and appealing to the international audience while keeping the original meaning. Changes can be made on small or large scales, to accommodate local languages, customs, and behaviors. These can affect text, content, layout, message, user experience, or visual presentation of content.

Why are localization services important?

Connect with an audience
To make a customer interested in a product, they need to feel that it was designed for them. It should match their user habits and feel familiar and local. Simply translating a piece of text that was meant for another audience won’t necessarily create the same emotional connection again. Localization companies consider the product’s impact on the user or reader while ensuring that the accurate meaning comes through. The content sounds natural and connects with the audience

SEO Content Creation

How to boost your online business with SEO
SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of improving your website’s visibility and relevance in the organic search results of search engines like Google, Bing, and others. SEO is essential if you want to drive online business and reach new customers. However, when you enter a new market, you need to adapt your content to reflect the new audience. We can help you create content that considers SEO in your new market, supporting your goals to reach a new audience.

SEO for the world!
Corban Translation’s adaptation and adjustment approach are a smart business decision for your content to stay relevant, consistent and appealing with client attracting keywords.

We optimize the content we produce in the target audience’s language, trending topics and competing sites and links, using our in-country teams. You will have SEO ambassadors representing you with Corban Translation.

Transcription Services

Quick and relevant transcription for African and worldwide languages.

What we do
We offer transcription services for various types of content and purposes. Whether you need to convert audio or video files into text, or translate and subtitle them into different languages, we can help you with our fast and accurate transcription services. Here are some of the transcription services that we provide:

Academic Transcription

If you record lectures for students or professors, you may not have the time to transcribe them into text files for studying. Our fast transcription service is ideal for lectures, academic talks and seminars, where we can turn your audio or video files into text files in no time.

Meeting Transcription

For businesses, meetings are an important part of business life, where agendas, goals and plans are discussed. You don’t need to waste time or money hiring a dedicated transcriber, though, as our fast audio and video transcription services can convert your meeting minutes into a text format in a snap.

Just like business meetings, conference calls are often used to communicate with remote teams or clients. Sometimes, we can miss details in these calls, so having a written text of everything said in that call can make your life easier.

Conference Call Transcription:

Just like business meetings, conference calls are often used to communicate with remote teams or clients. Sometimes, we can miss details in these calls, so having a written text of everything said in that call can make your life easier.

Legal Transcription:

Legal proceedings need to be precise and sometimes they might be full of jargon that can be hard to catch at the same time. By using our transcription service, you can keep an accurate record of everything said.

Interview Transcription:

It doesn’t matter if you’re a journalist, lawyer, market researcher or simply keeping a record of business interviews – these can be incredibly time-consuming to transcribe to text. Instead, our fast transcription service can send over your text file in no time at all, letting you focus on other things.

How it Works

How we do it
Our transcription service follows four simple steps:

1Receiving your Files
Just send us the audio or video files that you want us to transcribe and tell us how you want them to be formatted.
2- Transcribing Files
Our native translators will work on your files, ensuring fast and accurate audio or video to text transcription in your chosen format.
3- Proof-reading
Dedicated proof-readers will check your text to make sure everything is correct and readable.
4- Quality Assurance
Once your text has passed our quality assurance, the final document will be ready to be sent back to you