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Professional translation services require expertise and specialization in challenging areas, where the accuracy of the target language is crucial, right? The great news is, Corban Translation offers fast, reliable, and accurate professional translation services to global businesses. Our services cover over 150 language combinations at competitive prices. We work with various companies in Africa and across the world in different sectors such as technical, medical, government, marketing, financial, and legal, among others. These projects are done by our expert native translators specialized in such fields.


Corban Translation is available to help attract visibility for your website in any language

To succeed in the online business world, you must consider SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. Even if you already have an SEO strategy in place, when entering a new market, your content should be tailored to the preferences of the new audience. We can assist you in creating content that takes SEO into account for your new market, helping you to connect with a fresh audience.

SEO Goes Global! Corban Translation’s adaptive and strategic approach is a wise business decision to keep your content current, coherent, and appealing.

Optimizing the content we produce involves understanding the target audience’s language, staying updated on trending topics, and staying ahead of competitors and links. This is what we do daily, with our local teams, making us the ambassadors of SEO who represent you.”